Public Relations

Strategic Public Relations

Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics-stakeholders.  Ski Sun Communications understands well that public relations is a process of managing organisation-related information to the public to maintain a favourable reputation of the organisation and its brands. 

Press Contacts

Ski Sun Communications can offer you a portfolio of press relations, necessary to reach your wide group of potential clients. Scan offer you our portfolio of press relations, Ski Sun Communications can also represents you at fairs and numerous events.


Organizing an event costs energy, but it also yields a lot. Bringing people together that share a common interest can be very effecient.

Enthusiastic visitors, satisfied speakers and artists, beautiful reports in the press; an perfect way to reach your target audience.  Ski Sun Communications loves to organize discovery workshops.


Ski Sun Communications can represent you at fairs and numerous events.

So you don’t need expensive cost of travelling or hotel rooms. You can spend your entire marketing budget to your campaigns. In addition, clients are spoken to in their own language.

Ski Sun Communications will work on as many leads as possible and can represent you in the most appropriate way.