FietsenindeAlpen at Bikemotion 2021

The biggest cycling fair in the Netherlands

What better way to end your cycling season than at the biggest cycling fair in the Benelux? Bike Motion '21 will give you three days of cycling fun and inspiration from Friday October 29th to Sunday October 31st.

You will find the best brands, the latest models, the coolest cycling gadgets. Visualize, feel and test your future racing bike, (e) -mountain bike, crosser or gravel bike. Bike Motion '21 provides the best bikes, techniques, inspiration, knowledge and offers.



Bike Motion '21 focuses on three themes: Performance, Explore, Culture. Ahead of the event, the organization of the show will target the athletic cyclist in a targeted manner and make them curious by already sharing good information.

With Explore Cycling, the visitor thinks about mountain biking, gravel, bikepacking, barbecuing, outdoors, cycling trips, building routes, etc. At Performance Cycling coaching, goals, watts / FTP, development and pro cycling. And at Culture Cycling there are aspects like fashion, accessories, urban, reviews / fixes, commuters and freight.

Bike Motion wants to enrich the role of cycling in the life of the sports cyclist in order to allow him to do more, better and more fun.



We can represent you, your region, your accommodation or your cycling organization on Bike Motion. Not only do we come into direct contact with your target group, but we can also convey your message vividly in the language of your potential customer.

Our organization was able to reserve a double stand in order to be able to represent you in a professional way. We intend to represent several clients at the stand, in order to make the effort even more profitable.


A unique opportunity to profile yourself as a region / accommodation / organization oriented towards cycling!



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Our services


We take care of all the organizational elements:

  • rental and set-up of the stand
  • material transport
  • organization of brochures, cards, flyers

Media campaign

Presence at the show gives you

  • enormous visibility in the general and specialized press (tv, radio, newspapers, magazines, online)
  • qualitative contact with your potential customers.


  • setting up a creative campaign
  • to draw customers to the show and to our stand,
  • have them record their data to ensure monitoring and ROI.


We are able to represent you:

  • in the language of visitors and exhibitors at the show.
  • with knowledge of your product
  • with one or two people

Your advantages


No worries !

You are represented at the biggest bicycle fair in the Netherlands and you speak, through us, with the 30,000 visitors.

Important savings

You save a lot of costs:

  • no travel costs
  • no representation costs for you, your employee(s) for 4 or 5 days
  • no accommodation costs for 4 or 5 nights

Our proposal

A full service package

We offer you a full service including:

  • rental and set-up of the stand
  • material transport
  • the layout of the stand
  • organization of brochures, cards, flyers
  • permanent and qualitative representation throughout the show
  • a communication campaign
  • attract attention and motivate visitors before the show to visit the stand
  • save their data during the show
  • a communication immediately after the show
  • lobbying with other exhibitors

Factsheet 2019

27.275 visitors | Presence of more than 350 brands | 46% gives an appreciation of more than 7/10

21% of new visitors | Duration of the visit: 3hr30 average |

1 out of 5 visitors <40 years old | average age of visitors: 50