Being online is more important than ever

Published on 16 August 2020 at 13:42

The current question for the travel industry is whether to be active on social media and set up mailing campaigns. Many even decided to cut their advertising volume and spending, possibly due to the economic impact of the pandemic on businesses.


However, this strategy of restricting communication is not sustainable. The coronavirus (COVID-19) should persist at least in the medium term until effective vaccines become available. A reduction in communication can now have long-term consequences. Protection and hygiene are of course important, as are flexible booking conditions. It is certain that people will want to travel again. The question is who can inspire them to do this, depending on the drive, conviction and creativity of everyone in the travel industry.


Today you can get the attention and interest of those who choose and book a room in your property or region.


Unique experience points

Despite the fact that the sector is currently badly hit, there is great hope that it has a chance to recover quickly.


Aside from hope, excitement and fear, it is above all a lot of uncertainty that drives the opinions and decisions of travelers. There are a number of practical concerns. In addition, they are looking for a rewarding and enriching experience. An experience that you want to share with your friends and on social networks.


The tourism industry can respond by creating unique experiences and, above all, convincing travelers of the benefits of their accommodation, their region and their amenities. With an emphasis on safety, hygiene, flexible conditions and sustainability.


Online boost

With the majority of the population living in their homes for long periods of time, orders are being placed online more than ever. Online stores and warehouses are working overtime, and pickup and delivery services are very popular. Strava and other online sports apps kept people fit.


People are spending more time online than ever before. So there is plenty of time to get inspired and immerse yourself in travel. We therefore recommend that the industry concentrate on attracting attention and interest wherever possible, so that it is "at the front and the center". It is important that people find their way to your website.


Build up trust

We believe it is important to continue to communicate regularly, clearly and transparently in order to avoid uncertainties for your trustworthy and potential customers.


And why not share your own experiences? Through “storytelling” you can win the trust of customers. This is a proven way to remove uncertainty from customers. It's a great way to get attention and interest. This will lead the customer to make decisions and ultimately decide to book.

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