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Reaching out to my dutch & belgian customer

Your mission, as a tourism office or destination marketeer, is probably very well defined. You want to further develop and promote your city, municipality or region as a high-quality destination. Because you have all the assets for this: a rich cultural heritage, great nature, various recreational and outdoor options and a versatile range of activities.


Accommodation owners, who go the extra mile with passion, ensure that tourists feel extra at ease here and that they return home satisfied.


Moreover, travelers from Flanders and the Netherlands are a particularly important target group or perhaps a new potential clientele for you.


But how do you reach that extensive target group? For this you are looking for an innovative and creative communication agency that offers solutions.

Our solutions

What can Ski Sun Communications offer you?

It is vital to know how to reach potential customers with the information they are looking for and in their preferred language. After all, the traveler is central to your marketing strategy.

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Content strategy

Online marketing for cities & municipalities, regions and departments is not possible without content marketing, spreading your message in text, image, sound or video. It is essential, in their mother tongue, to inspire visitors to visit your destination and get more travelers in your direction.

Your website or communication via social media in Dutch will bring you closer to your visitors. And Ski Sun Communications can take that step for you.

You will be found, inspiring confidence, and be booked faster.

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Communication tools

With the right tools and strategies, individual regions or cities can also distinguish themselves in this area.

The search for your target audience usually starts online. We ensure that you are more visible, so that you get more visitors to your site and, that's what it's all about, more reservations in your city or region.

With tools such as email marketing, social media marketing, SEO and retargetting, we create new commercial opportunities while keeping your budget under control.

People like to be seduced on social media. It is therefore important to impress your target audience with channels such as Facebook and Instagram.

Your main target audience is your existing customers, Ski Sun Communications continues to trigger them with fun content and attractive newsletters.

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Based on our own experience, we can also assist you with practical and administrative matters.
From assisting your internal organization to preparing a marketing plan, our tips and advice can help you create a comprehensive strategic action plan.


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By distributing valuable content on your social media channels you reach the people who already know your destination. However, you also want your reach to grow among people who do not know you yet. These people also travel.

With Google Ads and social media advertising, you have opportunities to reach the right target group, even if these people are not yet following you.


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Marketing or social influencers have built up a wide reach of followers. These followers rely more on the social influencers than the journalists who spread the news. And certainly more than the advertisements or banners. This also makes marketing influencers an interesting advertising channel, with more reach, lower costs and more confidence.

Fietsenindealpen.com is such an influencer site for cycling destinations and accommodations.

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Our employees are happy to represent you at important events. They are also very creative in devising workshops close to your target group.