Is participating in a trade fair still relevant today?

Published on 13 August 2021 at 17:52

The main reason for participating in a trade show is probably because you want to reach your target group: in the sense of getting in touch with them, but also in terms of getting your message across to them.


Everything starts with choosing the right exchange. If you select the right fair, your target group will be there in large numbers. There is therefore a good chance that you will come into contact with the right people.

Participating in trade fairs offers you a combination of three different communication facets. And it is precisely this combination that means that participating in trade fairs offers you unique opportunities:

• Face-to-face contact and more time for 'to-the-point' conversations with qualitative leads,
• More presentation options to show the potential customer your products and let them 'feel',
• Excellent part of a broader marketing and communication strategy.


Good preparation is essential to get more out of an exhibition participation. This starts with determining your focus : what do you want to achieve with your participation ?


FietsenindeAlpen sets out from this insight to represent its customers (regions/accommodations/organizers of cycling holidays). A total plan (strategy, practical plan, preparation of the team and follow-up) is then drawn up to ensure that no opportunities are missed.


We consider a few elements to be very important:


o Making sufficient promotion around the exhibition participation, attracting attention from and inviting the target group (personally). Fietsenin the Alpen has built up an extensive and high-quality database of active and traveling cyclists over the years that is addressed for this purpose.
o Every personal contact and every appointment or commitment should be logged, both for a quick and accurate follow-up to the contact and for later evaluation of the exhibition yield.
o Every conversation must respond to the visitor's personal interests as quickly as possible. To this end, it is necessary to gauge his position and interests. Asking about it frankly must show interest and business


We always recommend working with a local partner. Not only does he speak the language of the trade fair visitor, he conveys your message in the right way.


So yes, participating in trade fairs still makes sense: fitted into a marketing plan, with the right preparation and with the right local partner.


Interested to know how FietsenindeAlpen can represent you at Bikemotion (Utrecht / 29-31/10/2021), the largest bicycle fair in the Netherlands?


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