Smart data driven move from Decathlon

Published on 15 February 2021 at 11:31

The fact that tourism is currently struggling, is kicking in the open door. Fortunately, vaccinations currently offer prospects for a better summer, but there are still uncertainties. Surveys show that people want to travel again, but they will do this closer to home and perhaps less by plane.

In this uncertain travel landscape, Décathlon is now announcing that they are setting up a platform to book a complete stay in the mountains, from transport to accommodation to activities.


With Decathlon Experience, the French sports and leisure retailer is entering the travel sector. Aware that consumption habits are changing and that it is necessary to diversify and evolve its methods to better meet the expectations of consumers eager for experience and discovery, the brand is operating an evolution in its economic model.


Like Booking in the hotel industry, Décathlon will be an intermediary for all mountain professionals who will be invited to register on the platform. The brand will nonetheless make a selection to favor the qualitative over the quantitative.


The interesting advantage that Décathlon has, is that the know millions of customers in France as well as their sports practices. They can rely on this highly qualified data to offer their customers activities that correspond to what they like, to what they are.


The mountains will serve as a testzone for the first time, but i twill not stop here. Today, Decathlon offers 60 different sports. So there are so many thematic stays to offer. Diving, horse riding, hiking ... each reservation can be built around a sport.


Interesting move, data driven and a smart response to the changing travel habits.


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