Solidarity and mutual support is the key in re-opening for ski season

Published on 24 November 2020 at 10:31

It must be nail biting and fearful waiting for the many ski stations in Europe. Will they be able to open at Christmas? Switzerland has meanwhile opened its stations and in Spain some stations will open the following days.


In France, a decision is expected within the next 10 days. 3 scenarios are still on the table.

Maintaining the lockdown is still an option. In addition, there is a concrete plan to compensate the sector, in that case, for the damage suffered.

A guided opening of the ski areas is proposal 2. Additional measures would be imposed to ensure safety at the ski lifts and at the rental shops. Since the restaurants are still closed in this scenario, it would be possible to eat on the terraces on the slopes.

Option 3 involves a full reopening, of course subject to compliance with the social distance and wearing a mouth mask, if a safe distance cannot be guaranteed.

It goes without saying, the evolution of Covid-19 is decisive for a final choice, but the situation in the other ski areas is also closely monitored. What will Italy and Austria decide ?


What is striking is the perseverance and persistence with which people in the stations keep preparing for an opening, despite the uncertainty.


They also show enormous flexibility in order to avoid any barrier reserving your stay and allowing everyone to be able to project themselves, skis on! The reservations centers guarantee reimbursement free of charge, sometimes even up to 8 days before the start of the stay in the event of illness related to Covid or travel restrictions put in place by the State. This is also the case for ski passes or ski lessons reserved.


We regret however the appearance of rankings for ski resorts considering both Covid-19 sanitary measures and travel restrictions. The European Best Destinations (EBD), part of the European Commission’s EDEN Network (“European Destinations of Excellence”) and working to promote sustainable tourism on the continent organized a survey to rank .


Not only wondering how they could estimate this in September-October, we call for solidarity.


Ski resorts especially need calm during this period. For a ski season in complete serenity, it must run smoothless everywhere. As soon as a problem arises in one of the ski stations, it will also reflect on the others. Customers, who book last minute anyway with the option to cancel free of charge, will immediately draw their conclusions and will not travel. Politicy-makers will also follow the situation closely, they will not hesitate to take action.


Together one must do this, solidarity and mutual support is the key ...

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